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Nissin Chemical Co., Ltd., Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer Susumu Hasegawa

At the time of our establishment in September, 1971 we were a small company with only two automatic bag machines and 3 staff including the president. The president himself went to purchase raw fabric almost every week with his son who was in elementary school on an auto truck from Fukuoka to Osaka. In February, 1972, we had three automatic bag machines and 5 staff, and then four bag-making machines and 17 staff in June of that year. The oil crisis in 1973 made oil price 3 times higher than normal, and so the polyethylene industry was struck severely by this.We also, were not an exempt from this price increase and faced very hard operating conditions. “Nothing to do to overcome this crisis,” the president thought. But, he was encouraged by desperately working hard with attitude of “Never give up” figure of his employee. The company could be somehow maintained.After that, we have expanded our business-result favorably. In 1975, we opened Oita sales office, then Kagoshima sales office in 1984, then Tokyo sales office in 1985. We successfully expanded our sphere of business into Kanto from Kyushu. The big turning point came in 1987.It was the completion of Chiba factory. This enabled the supply of enough products to the Kanto area and we secured more business chances. After that, we have established the Chiba office, Fukuoka integrated manufacturing plant, Miyazaki sales office, then the Shizuoka sales office, and so on. We will continue the upbringing of the capitalizations and human resources for further growth of the company, and we will make an effort toward more developments.

Nisshin Chemical Co., Ltd. Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer Susumu Hasegawa

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Acqulred ISO9001
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