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Acqulred ISO9001

Our quality control

We carry out quality checks at every process from film forming to completion of products. By doing this, we can discover and remove defects at an early stage and this results in certain manufacturing with minimum losses.
Specifically for heavy bags (fertilizer bag and so on), to satisfy our users, we implement a double check of hardness, slip angle and internal and external triboelectric charge of film to enable surer provision of products.

Full measuring instrument

We have many instruments: Universal-tester to measure hardness, ductility and piercing strength of film; Friction tester to measure sliding angle and coefficient-of-friction; Melt indexer to measure MI of resin (melt-flow rate: a value indicating degree of ease of a resin's flow; DSC (differential scanning calorie) to measure melting point and calorific value of resin, and others.

Universal tester
The splitting tensile strength of film can be shown as values of vertical and transversal, respectively.

(differential scanning calorie)

From measurement using differential scanning calorimetry, we can easily and quickly know changes of enthalpy and specific heat capacity which occur with first order phase transition and relaxation phenomenon of substance.

Melt indexer
Melt-flow of thermo-plastics such as polyethylene-resin can be measured.

Friction tester
As for heavy bags, slip property of film plane can be expressed by angle.

Quality control shown as a diagrammatic chart

We approach to quality which our users want by checking test result as values.

■ By materials: Slip angle of film surface

  Conventional product New heavy duty bags grade
Angle(° ) 18.6 23.3
Slip angle of heavy duty bag film by our company's regulation testing method is shown.
Measuring instrument: Friction tester

■ By materials: splitting tensile strength of film

  Conventional product Special polyethylene
Tensile strength
MD 390 420
CD 350 400

Production structure

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Acqulred ISO9001
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